Fund III California ($25 million, Accredited Investors Only)

Senior Living Fund III California was designed for investors interested in the high potential for earnings in a California-focused Senior Housing fund. From 2010 to 2040 the population over  age 75 in the state is expected to increase from 1,980,000 to 5,450,000, an increase of over 175%. If measured as a country, California has the seventh highest Gross Domestic Product in the  world, making it a highly valuable market. Other considerations:

  • Large metropolitan areas with increasing demand for traditional and Senior Housing
  • Significant barriers to entry include decreasing land availability, difficulty in obtaining entitlements and general resistance to increased density
  • Large pool of wealthy and high earners who have the ability to pay for their own Senior Housing, or that of their parents or other relatives
  • Facilities located in markets highly desired by institutional and other buyers, which provides for ease of selling properties and high-yielding prices upon sale

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